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Kevin A. Brown, CLU®, ChFC

Kevin A. Brown, CLU®, ChFC

Financial Advisor

I am an advisor with Charles Stephen, one of the Southwest’s leading financial planning firms. I'm focused on helping you make the best decisions possible.

I started in the financial services right after graduating from the University of New Mexico with a degree in finance.  Over the years I gravitated toward working with people in the Y.O.Y.O. Economy.  They include owners of private practices such as attorneys and dentists.  This group also includes people who have changed jobs and find they are on their own when it comes to making decisions regarding their retirement plans and other benefits.  Other members of the Y.O.Y.O. Economy are people who are about to retire or have already retired and people who have received an inheritance.

After decades of running a successful independent advising practice, I have joined the respected team at Charles Stephen, where my own expertise is enhanced by a team of advisors who have their own areas of specialization. You can learn more about Charles Stephen and meet my colleagues here.

I really enjoy helping my clients create a financial plan that will protect their ability to earn an income, manage their investment assets for retirement and college education, have an income in retirement that lasts as long as they do and leave a legacy for their families.

On the personal side, I'm a native New Mexican from Roswell.  I'm a drummer and met my wife, Jenny when we were both in band at UNM.  We got married in 1996 and have three sons.  I love to ride my bicycle and I'm currently taking Spanish lessons every day.  I came to UNM on a Presidential Scholarship and help the UNM Foundation raise money for the Presidential Scholar program.