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The Financial Planning Process

I call it P.A.I.L. - Protection, Asset Management, Income for Retirement and Leaving a Legacy.

My process revolves around planning. This enables me to look at my clients’ entire financial picture and make independent, unbiased recommendations that will enable them to pursue their unique financial goals at every stage of their lives.

I do this by asking questions. Everybody has their own goals, fears and dreams. I want to know what you have done so far. What do you like about what you’re doing? What do you not like? What do you want your future to look like?

Your answer to these questions helps me to create a financial roadmap that can be followed, adjusted and monitored over the years.   


Ensuring that your life would stay on track if something happened to your ability to earn an income is step number one in our plan for you.  I like to ask – if you had a machine in your backyard that spit out $50,000 a year, wouldn’t you insure it?  I believe in finding you a low-cost option that protects you and your family only during the time that you need it.

Asset Management

While you are in your accumulating years, asset management can be the fuel that turns your goals into reality.  I create a plan based on your lifestyle, your risk tolerance, and your preferences for where you want to put your money to work. I partner with you to select independent investments designed to meet your needs, and then I monitor them extensively to ensure they remain right for you.

Income for Retirement

I start planning your income for retirement before you retire – it’s a different stage of your life and demands a different investment strategy. I get a clear picture of your income needs, and then put strategies in place that will meet those needs – which will change over the course of your retirement. It’s never “one and done” with me – we know the road gets windy and I am always looking ahead.

Leaving a Legacy

Most of the clients I work with over the years are focused on two things: caring for their families and supporting organizations that are important to them.  I begin these conversations with you early, so I can create a plan with you that you will see come to fruition. For many of my clients, especially as they get further into retirement, these plans can include both time as well as funding – which makes them even more meaningful.

The main takeaways from my process are, I am planning based. I get to really know my clients and make recommendations that are based on their needs, desires and goals, not some company quota or proprietary products. After the plan is implemented, I have a system to stay in touch and meet on a regular basis.

If this sounds like something you would like to explore, I would love to hear from you.

Create a Plan to Pursue Your Financial Goals

Create a Plan to Pursue Your Financial Goals

Whether you're trying to plan for retirement, or are just starting out, my tool will help you understand where you are and where you need to go. Run through our planning tool now to get started.

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